What should you keep track of?

What to track and submit to the platform

The census is, at the core, a collection of important data. Keeping track of information and submitting it to the platform is an important process for Map the Count, so let’s outline what sort of information should be submitted through the platform.

Event information and photos

If you’re running an event, you have a variety of important bits of information you can submit. This includes:

  • Sign-in sheets – Scan in a physical sign-in sheet, or if tracked digitally, save it to a PDF and submit that. You can also take photos of Facebook attendance and interest for submission!
  • Photos – Take photos of attendees and presenters when possible.
  • Location and event activities – Note the address and any specific information related to the event. If you have a headcount outside of the sign-in sheet, provide that information, too!

Weekly/Monthly report information

Your report spreadsheet has a number of important sections with relevant information. Be sure to fill it out completely and check it for accuracy before submission! Need to download the spreadsheet? Get it here (coming soon).